Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Voting for Stéphane Dion

There's a federal election coming up in Canada in a few weeks. I think I've decided who to vote for. I'm planning to vote Liberal for Stéphane Dion.

There's a couple of reasons to vote liberal this election. I think Dion has the best scheme for the people of Canada. His plan is to rebalance the tax system by increasing consumption taxes, increasing taxes on activities which harm the environment, and lowering income taxes. That's just what Canada needs at this time, to shift from personal consumption [and personal debt] to the creation of true prosperity through high paying middle class jobs. The total tax each person pays per year will not increase under this scheme.

Lowering income taxes is good at this time. Individual Canadians are way too much in debt. The personal debt to income ratios are far higher than even just 10 years ago. Lower income taxes will put more take home pay in our pockets and make it easier to service our existing debts and reduce our debt loads.

The Conservative scheme to hold the line on income tax and lower consumption taxes [like GST] means people can only see tax relief by spending their money [and of course borrowing to overspend]. This is bad for Canadians.

Dion's scheme puts more emphasis on the environment which has the potential to create a lot of high paying jobs in Canada. Plus improving our environment benefits everyone.

The other reason to vote liberal is the conservative advertising. It is horrible. The attack ads on Dion are amateur and distort his message. What a turn off. If the best you can offer the people of Canada is to attack your principled, honourable opponent with bogus bs attack ads then that's not good enough. We saw right through it when the liberals tried it when they were desperately clinging to power [they barely got away with it in one election; and lost when they tried it in again the next election]. I hope the people of Canada are smart enough to not fall for crude, simplistic, false, American style attack advertising and are able to understand the real issues.

It's good to be a moderate. Historically I've been more of a right winger. After the deficit was eliminated [by the liberals Paul Martin and John Savage it should be noted] that key battle was won and I became more of an independant. Then I had a personal falling out with the social conservative faction a while back so I've been a free agent voter for while.

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