Tuesday, September 16, 2008

taxes are done

My income tax for this year is finally done. What a relief. It was severely delayed in getting processed this year for a few reasons. Fortunately it is now done.

I came out of it a little bit ahead. A small refund, I'll see less than $1000 out of it. I'm happy with that. I was concerned I'd have to pay in a lot. So I'll call it good.

No big plans for my small windfall. I want to get some RAM for my PC and I should get some casual shoes. That's about it. The rest I'll plan to apply to the debt. And wouldn't the taste just be so sweet to be debt free and able to do whatever I want with the money. I hope to get there someday.

I don't plan to have something like this hanging over me next summer or any summer going forward. I expect and intend the taxes will be much more orderly and well organized in the future. I'm actually somewhat looking forward to next year's. Where I stand today I'm projecting a healthy refund.

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