Monday, September 08, 2008

Scott Turow - Limitations

I had some down time last Friday. I went to the local library to look for some stuff to read. It's a pretty good library. I took some nonfiction about the old Soviet Union and about contemporary militant Islam. Those books were kind of dull and I didn't get far with either.

The other book I got was Limitations by Scott Turow. I read some Turow books in the past and I enjoyed them. This book was set in the familiar fictional Kindle County; a place I find I enjoy returning to. Turow weaves in some characters from his other Kindle books which is nice, hearing from them again. It was an enjoyable read and from a Friday afternoon start I finished it Sunday morning.

Whenever I read a Turow book it makes me feel like it would be interesting to be a lawyer. Not the shmoozing Friday afternoon free drinks starting at 4 PM lawyer. I have no aptitude or interest in that. I mean the more technical back office lawyer. Analyzing the statutes, decisions and contracts. The reasoning and logic.

There's some more Turow Kindle County books I haven't read yet. I'll try to get through them in the coming months. I took a bit of a reading break recently to try to finish a very tough sudoku book I got last Christmas so I'll try to get through that first. I've read about all the Stephen King I want to but there's some Michael Crichton I should catch up on too. It's good for the mind to also balance in some nonfiction. There's other stuff to I'd like to read too.

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