Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mooseheads home opener

I caught the Halifax Mooseheads home opener on Friday. It was an entertaining game, a 6-3 win over Val d'Or.

The Moose are rebuilding this year and Val d'Or isn't very strong as usual. There were a few players I recognized from the past but a number of prominent players from last year are in the NHL now or otherwise moved on.

I ended up getting my ticket from the friend of a season ticket holder. The season ticket holder couldn't make the game and he gave the ticket to another season ticket holder who thought of me as a "will attend" type and indeed I could make it. Thanks, I appreciate it.

In the past I got to see a few games from the luxury skyboxes. That was really nice. My former next door neighbour was in sales and his employer had a box which they would entertain important clients in. When he had an extra seat open my neighbour would sometimes invite me to the games. It was a real treat.

So I had a good seat in the top row of the lower bowl. Which is nice because you can get up just by climbing over the back of your seat and not have to cut in front of anyone to get to the aisle. I like sitting among the regulars, the season ticket holders. They tend to be knowledgeable fans and also know each other.

They had a big ceremony at the start to mark the Moose 15th anniversary. I remember the original home opener in 1994. I was at that game and had a good seat. Hmmm, 15 years. I'd estimate I've seen around 50 Moose home games over that time. It tends to vary. Some years 0-1 games. Other years maybe up to 10. I enjoy the games. I should go to more of them.

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