Monday, December 01, 2008

Safety inspection

My safety inspection is now done for another year. It was pretty uneventful. No major problems found.

I went to a different garage this time. I went to Gray's auto in Fairview. I hadn't been there before. I called the old number for Creaser's but they have now merged with Gray's. I wasn't sure what to expect. It was pretty good there. The service advisors were friendly and knowledgeable. It took about as long to do the work and cost about as much as I expected.

While I was waiting for the work I walked over to the site of the old Halifax West for the first time since my old high school was torn down. That was an interesting experience. Lots of memories. There was one lady on the grounds walking a dog. And another guy doing tai chi.

Inspection is always an anxious time since you never know what the hit is going to be. So I'm always glad to have it done. I'll probably go back to Gray's for some more work based on my experience there so far. My 2005 Civic is still running pretty well which is good. A little under two more years and it will be paid off.

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