Tuesday, January 20, 2009

40th birthday party

The last year or so has been the season for 40th birthday parties. Last week I was at another one. I've been to about four 40th parties in the last year or so. They have always been a good time.

Last weeks 40 party was at Big Leagues in Dartmouth. It was a good time. There were some people there I knew. That is a pretty good place Big Leagues. I don't think I'd been in there before. It was wing night and I had an order of hot with the beer. They were pretty hot and tasty too.

They have a pretty good lineup of Saturday night music acts at Big Leagues. Can't you see I'd sure like to catch Matt Minglewood some time. But it's a bit of a trip from where I live to there so I probably won't become a regular there.

I think it's just about done the 40th parties though. I can think of one more friend coming up hopefully his wife will organize something. It's nice seeing old friends from the past who you don't meet up with too often.

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