Friday, January 02, 2009

new DVD player

I picked up a new DVD player. The old one was making loud noises and often not able to play the titles. The old one was a cheap grocery store $30 Magnavox that I'd got for free.

I wanted a nicer one this time that will hopefully last a bit longer. I ended up getting a Philips DVD player. I picked it up at BestBuy in Dartmouth crossing. It was $80 marked down to $50 for boxing day. I hadn't been to Dartmouth crossing before. It was very busy that day but it is well designed there for all of the traffic. Although going through a 4 way stop with 3 entering lanes in each direction was a white knuckle driving experience.

The BestBuy was pretty nice. I hadn't been there before. It was well laid out there, easy to get around and find stuff. I arrived in the middle of the day but they had a good supply of the Philips DVD on sale that had been in their flyer. My monitor is Philips and it has a nice clear picture. And my DVD-cable converter for my old style tv is also Philips so the stuff I've got from Philips has all been pretty good.

The DVD is working pretty well. It says it has HD output but I still have an old style tv. It works fine but the HD tv will have to wait a bit longer. Maybe later this year. Maybe another Philips would be a good pick, and the Sharp tv are pretty good quality in my experience.

Now I need to find out about the electronics disposal to get rid of the old DVD and the P3 computer I got from my old work as surplus that I won't be needing any more.

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