Thursday, January 22, 2009

Scott Turow - Reversible Errors

I finished up reading another Scott Turow book. This one was Reversible Errors. It was a pretty good book. It was set in the usual fictional midwest Kindle County and as usual interleaves some familiar characters from the other Kindle County books. Which is a nice touch how they kind of tie together.

The Kindle County books are all pretty good. This one was about middle of the road I'd say. Maybe just a touch syruppy in parts. Better than Limitations and not quite as good as Presumed Innocent. I think there's a couple of other Kindle County titles I haven't read yet and I expect eventually I will.

I got this book at the library. It's a good library near where I live. I probably won't be going back to the library in the near future. I've got a couple of books at home lined up to read so that should fill up my reading plans for the next while.

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