Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Computer is fixed

The contractor came by my place last Friday and fixed my Dell computer. It's working properly again. He replaced the motherboard and the video card. Just in time since I didn't have a display. I'm glad to be back online; under warranty too so didn't even cost me anything.

Dell was very good about the warranty work. Thorough too with follow up. They called me to check that the tech had made an appointment. Then they called again after to check that the work was done and I was satisfied with everything. I was very happy with how it turned out.

I might still buy another year of warranty if I can. I'll check the price. It was lucky this was covered under warranty.

For the display I've switched to HDMI. Prices on these cables are finally starting to come down. I got a six foot no name cable at wal-mart for $10 and it works fine. The display seems crisper and faster now with HDMI - especially youtube. It was a bit different plugging my speakers into the monitor but it worked.

HDMI is a great invention. One cable, one plug, audio and video, HD, plug it in and it just works.

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