Saturday, January 22, 2011

paying for the CRTC is money for nothing

Another disgraceful story. So now the CRTC has decided we can't listen to money for nothing any more. This was a global #1 hit in 1985, a vintage year. Now they are being revisionist and trying to rewrite history from a militant politically correct stance.

Screw you CRTC you bunch of little faggots. How dare you try to impose this new rule on the people of Canada today. This is a bold provocation.

Stephen Harper talked the talk with his Beatles mug and standing up on stage with his guitar. Now he has to walk the walk if he wants to win the next election. Stand up for rock n roll. Stand up for freedom. Stand up for Canada. Harper needs to personally intervene in this case and overturn the dire straits ban. For a bonus terminate the bureaucrats who created this distress on the people of Canada.

Looking at the bigger picture though is this any surprise. Starting with mandatory seat belts a generation ago there has been a remorseless expansion of the government into the affairs of free, private, law abiding citizens - see the new HRM public skating helmet rules below; and now this attack. The time has come to push back.

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Anonymous said...

The whole thing is an #$%^ing joke. Pandering to some faggot in newfoundland that has no life. Screw him he can turn his radio off.