Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The new year

Well another year has begun so it's a good time to think about what I'd like to get done this year.

2010 was a busy year with lots of changes, some good and some not so good. I moved during the summer. I switched jobs at work during the year. Started dating. Looking back on the Jan 2010 post I paid off the car so that was good. There was some negative stuff like the health problems my parents had to deal with.

For 2011 I'm looking for more stability. Stay solvent financially keeping income and spending balanced. Hopefully work will continue to run well since I'm happy with my job after the switch. But I can't really control that. I don't plan to move this year the new apartment is ok and moving is just too much. There are some things I'd like to improve around my place with furniture and such so hopefully be able to get to that.

Of course there's the perpetual take a proper vacation PEI or Ottawa who knows maybe this will be the year.

One resolution is to get better at getting ready for work. I've allowed this to drift to become too long from the moment my alarm goes off to the time I'm at my desk. This is historically around 1 hour and I will work on getting lunch and clothes ready the night before, getting up as soon as the alarm goes off, moving more efficiently in the morning to get ready.

There's still that Important Matter that really needs to be done. Although painful it still needs to be worked through and should have been taken care of a long time ago. So again it has to happen this year, in the first half of the year preferably. Who knows maybe the resolution of that will open up some possibilities that have been on the edge of my radar for a long time.

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Anonymous said...

There's no real need to work through it when it's working fine as it is. Sometimes when you push through things that don't really need to be pushed through and is so only because you think it needs to be done not because it actually needs to be done, can open up a can of worms among other unexpected consequences.