Friday, January 14, 2011

Target buying Zellers

Lot of news coverage about Target buying Zellers. I don't have a lot to add. I once worked for Zellers back in like around 1993. I needed a job back then so I've always been a bit grateful and tried to choose to shop at Zellers some of the time. Interesting it worked out to about $8 million per existing store which somehow seems like a premium.

I'll miss Zellers but with Target there will still be a counter to walmart which we need. Although maybe now I don't think I'll need to make a special effort to spread some business over to them because of some loyalty from the past.

The flag waving around Zellers was really overdone. Parent Hudson's Bay is American owned. And go into a Zellers and you'll have to look pretty hard to find much made in Canada. Pretty slim pickings, walmart inventory is about the same percentage made in Canada which is negligible.

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