Wednesday, January 19, 2011

cops in the news

There seem to be more news stories lately involving folks getting into confrontations with the police

- story out of Mexico some Canadians say they were roughed up and the woman raped
- Ottawa story some woman fought a bunch of cops for some reason, lost the fight, now she's suing
- the usual anguish from the Toronto G20 some people are upset how their arrests were handled blah blah blah

So what to make of it. Well in today's politically correct society cops have been on the defensive for many years. At G20 they were so timid they stood by and countenanced hooliganism and their own squad cars being torched.

Let's consider the Ottawa case. The cops were dealing with trouble, a disturbance in some neighbourhood. They stopped some woman passerby randomly, took her name and id and sent her on her way. End of story right? Annoying and inconvenient for the female perhaps but no real harm, the cops were just exercising their judgment to do their job. Anyway Ms. Uppity foolishly turns around and goes back to the cops to stage a confrontation, incredibly questioning and challenging them to their faces about why they stopped her. The police were trying to do their job to establish and maintain the rule of law. They don't answer to her, how dare she bypass the proper complaint channels and presume to confront the officers directly to their faces while they were on duty.

Anyway Ms. Mouthy gets a trip downtown for her trouble like she deserved. At the squad for whatever reason she decides to fight four officers at once punching, kicking, screaming. Surprise she lost that fight and possibly took some punches and a kick off a female officer. Oh well she did pick the fight! That's what happens in a fight you know.

So now of course Ms. Ottawa is the victim and is suing. Again we see the attitude in the media that the cops are on the defensive. Questioned, challenged, undermined at every turn.

Toronto G20 has been discussed and it's the same story.

Onto Mexico. Some people apparently don't understand that once you cross the frontier and leave Canada you lose any of the customs and protection of Canada. Incredibly some of the tone of the Mexico case are trying to apply the rules imposed on the Ottawa and Toronto cops onto Mexico's. That's preposterous, Canada's politically correct rules don't apply outside Canada!

If I was the Mexican ambassador to Canada I would remind the Canada media and government this about it
What happens in Mexico stays in Mexico.
The story seems farfetched to me. But the attitude of the lead up is remarkable. Two drunk Canadian tourists get in some late night confrontation in a restaurant. Kicked out of there, they continue the altercation out onto the street. Cops show up and they get into a fight with the cops. Bad idea - this ain't Toronto/Ottawa police.

So maybe they did get roughed up at the police station. Who knows. Maybe it was a bad idea to be acting drunk and disorderly while guests on the Mexican's turf, then disrespect the Mexican police who showed up to deal with the situation that they created.


Anonymous said...

so being raped is ok because it is in Mexico?

Anonymous said...

Dude. This blog post has blown me away. I don't even know where to start.

Read the ruling by the judge in the Stacy Bonds case. And watch the video again. This woman did not try to pick a fight with 4 officers. You're just making that up. So after she was unnecessarily beaten, and had half her clothing cut off, she was left half naked in a cell for 3 hours. She has every right to sue, and deserves to win.

In fact, here's what the judge said himself:

- "Annoying and inconvenient for the female perhaps but no real harm, the cops were just exercising their judgment to do their job." You've got to be shitting me. You seriously believe it's all right for the police to detain anyone they want, ask them for ID? Further to this, they don't have to provide any reason why they do this to someone?

What if she didn't have ID on her? Should they have had the right to arrest her on the spot? Do YOU want to be stopped on a regular basis and questioned by the police? The whole "If you didn't do anything wrong, you don't have anything to worry about" concept is pure bullshit. Your country has laws, and a charter of rights, and you think it's fine for a cop who is "exercising their judgment" to ignore them?

Do you really think that having to wear a fucking hockey helmet at your local rink is a bigger infringement of your rights than being randomly stopped, illegaly arrested and then strip searched? You whine about not wanting the government involved with how you skate, but you actually believe it's all right for the government to randomly detain you on the street? Really? That's messed up.

I'd love to see you do an entry on the TSA in US airports, and the backscatter xray machines airports use in both North America and abroad. I can only assume you think that having your testicles fondled or a nude xray taken is a little annoying and inconvenient, but no real harm is being done.

And I don't have enough time tonight to get in to why you're just plain out to lunch on the G20 stuff. Check out

If you don't have time to watch the whole movie, at least watch part 13.

Lastly Stacy Bonds was actually stopped because she was seen with open liquor. I left this to the end because I didn't want it to cloud the issue of you thinking police can do whatever they want as long as they're "exercising their judgment". I only bring it up because it's information that was readily available before this post of yours. I don't know how big or how small your audience is, but I at the very least you owe it to yourself to post actual facts regarding a topic you're blogging about, regardless of your opinion on the matter you're discussing.