Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Margaret Trudeau

So Margaret Trudeau has a book out. First off any and all discussion of Margaret must begin with this.
Jean Chretien was a good prime minister.

His wife refrained from sleeping with Mick Jagger.
ok now that's out of the way. I didn't read her book and I'm not going to spend my time or a royalty for her on it. I did hear from this book that she says she's bipolar. Maybe it was already somewhat known. Anyway how apropos.

I remember it was less than a generation ago it was known as manic depressive. Back then it was a very serious condition requiring heavy medication and typically psychiatric hospitalization. And a stigma that would stay with you all your life. But alas today we have this new apparent "lite" version with the catchy name bipolar and unlike manic depressive no obvious symptoms; and lots of people apparently have it.

But to me what I see is just more excuses, a convenient new way for people to deny responsibility for their life decisions. Toss in this other new disease borderline personality disorder BPD and you're set. Make bad life decisions; act like an idiot 24/7 or whenever you choose to; and if anyone says anything just throw bipolar or BPD back in their face and wash your hands of the matter; then go back to continue what you were doing.

Maybe Margaret is bipolar. She's still responsible for what she did and she still owes Canada an apology for the way she acted.

Why does she go by the name Trudeau? She left him and went on to marry someone else after.


Anonymous said...

I know at least 3 people that have been "diagnosed" as bi-polar. Without being too insensitive it does seem like there are no obvious symptoms from each of them. I don't think acting a little "strange" once in a while counts... But it will get you 6 months off work with seemingly no repercussions.

Anonymous said...

Bi polar and manic depression are the same thing.
People should only be diagnosed by a Psychologist or psychiatrist. It is diagnosed using the DMS IV.
I'm sure that many individuals are misdiagnosed. There are advances all the time in treatment in psychiatric disorders to compare what happened a generation ago to what happens now is pointless.
It is not just a convenient way for people to deny responsibility for their life decisions; it is the reason they make those decisions. Their brains are wired differently. If they know that, then they can learn to recognize triggers, behaviours, etc and can seek help before it escalates.
Your statement about stigma? Are you implying that people SHOULD have a stigma because of mental illness? That it is part of the diagnosis?
I think you should read Margaret Trudeau's book before you pass judgment and assume so much.
Perhaps your questions would be answered.