Monday, January 31, 2011

sold some baseball cards

Unusual event over the weekend. I got an order on Sportlots for a baseball card sale. After a good start selling 1-2 orders a month for the first few months I hadn't had an order since March last year. I guess my area of interest is thinly traded. I thought maybe I was deleted or blacklisted somehow, although my feedback has been positive.

I sold a 1973 o pee chee Jerry Koosman for $0.75 to a guy in Ontario. I sent the payment into store credit. I hope to get back to cards later this year and start the big hockey program. So I expect to be doing some buying to finish off a set or two from the 1978-1983 era.

I have a bit of clean up to do as well move some unwanted cards like the 1996 score NFL complete set. I was able to move the 1991 upper deck high number NFL although I ended up giving it away on kijiji. Plus I've got some data now on which of my listed cards are moving. Some of them which came along later and I don't care about I may unlist and just toss to free up storage space for when hockey starts to get sorted.

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