Tuesday, February 15, 2011

bought some baseball cards

After my recent sale on sportlots and this OOT thread on card collecting I checked up on the sets I'd been working on in the past. It turns out there were listings on sportlots on all of my cards outstanding on the 1978 and 1979 o pee chee baseball sets.

They were all from the same seller. It was a guy in Arizona. He was good the cards arrived quickly and the quality was good. Shows what the Internet can do to match up buyers and sellers who would otherwise never meet. The vendor knew about pricing and where he had the only card listed he set his price at $1 or $2. For the other cards he would be right at the going rate. I ended up getting 22 cards it came to around $22. As it happened I had $10 credit at sportlots from some of my own sales. Plus I had $5 in paypal from some survey I'd filled out on linkedin. So with the dollar at par I was only out around $7 out of pocket for the 22 cards which worked out pretty well.

When I put the cards into the albums I noticed I missed two remaining 1978 so I'll have to go back and order them to complete that set. Still the 1979 is now done and I'm glad to have that completed.

The OOT thread mentioned a site called checkoutmycards COMC. That site looks interesting. They have a totally different business model than sportlots. The seller sends his cards in to COMC then pays COMC to warehouse them until they sell. On sale the seller gets all the money with no "tax" back to COMC. I might do a small trial to list some cards there and see how it goes. No complaints but It's not like I've gotten much action selling on sportlots

That's about it for my recent foray back into sports cards. The next project is the big hockey sort from the same era 70s to early 80s. Hopefully I'll get to that later this year some other projects still to work on first.

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