Saturday, February 05, 2011

super bowl

I'm looking forward to the super bowl as usual. It could be a good game. The Steelers are the wild card who knows which team will show up. They were terrible at times against both Baltimore and the Jets but also so strong at times they still managed to win.

They will need to be more consistent through four quarters to beat Green Bay. The Packers offense looked unstoppable at times but the Steelers have a good D. They have some film too it seemed the Bears had a good handle on the GB offence for chunks of that game.

I have a kind of "bet" on the game. It's a freeroll. At work there was some intranet site. There was a poll there with a prize a $50 amazon gift card. The poll was to pick the super bowl winner. I went over to bodog and the vegas sites and I saw that Green Bay is the favorite. So with nothing else to go on I picked Green Bay in the poll. After I picked it showed there was 25 votes; 17 for Pittsburgh and 8 for Green Bay. So I had around $3 of EV at that point. I'm not sure how many voted since. hmmm oops I forgot to mention to my coworkers about the freeroll poll. oh well you know what they say about overlay ...

I don't have a plan for where to watch it. I wasn't invited to any parties and haven't spoken to anyone about it. Maybe go to my parent's place and watch it there.

What's the deal on Arizona and the bowl. First it was the Kurt Havelock thing. Now out of Arizona we have a guy inserting porn into a super bowl broadcast.

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