Monday, February 21, 2011

new printer Canon Pixma MP280

My trusty old Canon Pixma ip 3000 died on me Sunday. I printed a couple pages early in the evening. Then later I turned it on again to print another page. But nothing happened, no response when turning it on.

It was an old printer, it came with my old computer which I bought over three years ago. At it was around three years old then. So pretty good lifespan for a printer. That was a great printer reliable and never a hint of trouble with it.

So today I went out looking for a new printer. It was pretty easy I had already decided I was getting another Pixma. I found one I liked a Pixma MP280 [2] at Future Shop for $70. That was nice surprise for some reason I had it fixed in my mind printers were $200. We got it home and my older son helped me to set it up. Setup was fast and can't go wrong instructions. Printed some stuff and it all looks good.

The printer looks pretty good it can print photos and has a scanner too. So I can pull up those old sports teams I played baseball and hockey when I was in school like grades 6-10 and post them on facebook lol.

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