Thursday, February 03, 2011

The Rehberg cross burning case

Wow I was shocked at what I saw in the Chronicle Herald today. Real journalism. That paper may find relevance and survive after all.

I'm talking about the Nathan and Justin Rehberg series. Up until now the political correct orthodoxy is that the Rehnberg's are to be treated basically as skinheads who targeted the Lyon-Howe household because Howe is black. The true backstory has been either ignored or intentionally drowned out by the cross burning hysteria.

They definitely targeted that house, especially Lyon per the Herald article. But it was actually a personal vendetta and Lyon herself very badly wronged the Rehnberg brothers. Read the article and Lyon-Howe aren't exactly forthcoming about their history with the Rehnbergs. They are definitely on the defensive now that the political correct process has run through and the Rehnbergs got jail and big media went away - good riddance. Now the full story can come out if an outlet has the courage to. The Herald surprised me they apparently do.

I think everyone agrees that it was incredibly poor judgment by Nathan and Justin to burn a cross on a black man's lawn. I believe they were making a statement and lashing out. Still I don't think their true underlying intent was racist.

Edit: I should clarify. The Rehnbergs had to get jail for what happened. You just can't do that. Plus they embarrassed Hants County and Nova Scotia and we've had to do a lot of damage control on this. I'm sure many were expecting a sentence in years instead of months. The learned judge considered all of the facts and came up with an appropriate sentence.

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