Sunday, February 20, 2011

went to church

I went to church this morning. I'd been thinking about it yesterday. I got to bed at a good time last night and got up and went this morning.

I'm not exactly a churchgoer. I last went there some time last summer. I was going to go one day in January but it was snowing and slippery that morning so I just skipped.

But it's good in a way to be able to still go once in a while. Not much different from last summer. The preacher spoke from Jeremiah. I think he likes the Old Testament, the best testament.

I can say It's a lot better to be going to church on a Sunday morning than getting up and going down to that miserable hospital. So this was a luxury compared to that. So in a way back to the old routines after that period of disruption.


On a slightly related note. I was running on a different scene for a while but now that's over and I have returned to my old life. It's not so bad really. I've still got my job and my important-to-me projects to work on. I miss the fast company but who knows what the future holds.

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