Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Canada Youth Plan

I noticed the Paul Dewar youth scheme go by. It was standard NDP. Lots of spending. Lots of bureaucracy. Lots of unconstitutional federal intrusion into areas of provincial jurisdiction. No discussion of where the money will come from.

Any discussion of youth in Canada should discuss that youth in Canada are becoming extinct. What I mean is the low birth rate. 1.58 per, Canada is slowly going extinct.

Dewar ignores this issue. In fact I've never heard any politician discuss it ever. Which is strange considering how critical this is to Canada as we know it long term survival. Presumably a taboo subject. I wonder why?

I'd like to see a real discussion on the subject of Canada's birth rate some time. Something willing to go past the "Government has to spend more" NDP line and air some topics historically not open for discussion.

  • a frank discussion about abortion
  • the perspective of men who don't want to marry, don't want children, don't want more children
  • the burden of living in a hyper-regulated society

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