Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I finished up work for the year Friday. It was busy that last week was in every evening through Thursday. Nothing planned, I just didn't have any reason to take much vacation during the year so it just ended up being used here in December. Still nice to be on break I've done this end of year vacation a number of times over the years.

I joined twitter. Felt like trying it out. It's pretty good so far. No followers though I guess I'm not very popular oh well.

The online purchases have now arrived all in order. Did some Christmas shopping in Dartmouth today. As usual it was a painful experience. Got some stuff and some more to get still here and there. Will hope to hit Bayers Lake tomorrow and then see where it's at. I hate shopping and I hate Christmas shopping. Hopefully will have it all done within a week or so. At least got started a bit earlier and using online helped.

I signed up for Netflix free trial. It's been pretty good so far. Selection is pretty good. There were a couple of searches that missed such as I Am Legend. I've been watching nearly 1 movie a night. I'm not sure if I'll keep it after the one month trial so I should try to use it up. There is a pretty good list of movies I missed over the years that I wouldn't mind seeing.

Although I wonder if Netflix will turn out like Columbia House records. Anyone remember Columbia House? They would send this deal like 12 CDs for 1 penny. Then after that you have to buy 12 more at regular price over the next 2 years from the Columbia House catalogue. The thing is the catalogue is a subset of all the artists and not everyone I liked was signed on. What I found was that it was pretty easy to fill out the initial 12 CDs (especially when converting cassette to CD back then, late 80s era). Then I found it hard to finish off the contract because I had everything I really wanted. So what was left was ok, it just wasn't all that interesting to me. Right now with Netflix it feels like that 12 CDs for a penny because there are so many movies from the past that I missed for whatever reason.

I've been thinking about end of year stuff lately. It's a bit early to write about it, will plan to post something later this month like most years.

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