Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dead City by Joe McKinney

I finished another book. It was Dead City by Joe McKinney. It was another zombie book. This book is the prequel to Apocalypse of the Dead which I read a couple months ago.

Dead City takes place over a single day. It is the account of a San Antonio police officer Eddie Hudson dealing with an initial report of a disturbance in a neighbourhood which turned out to be zombies. They didn't know that at the time. It's the story of how the undead quickly overrun San Antonio and officer Hudson's struggle to survive, find what's left of authority, and find his own family.

It was a good book. McKinney's writing style is fast paced and the descriptions of the zombies are very believable and terrifying. After reading Apocalypse I wanted to read his other titles. I believe there's another McKinney zombie title which I'll look for in the new year.


joemckinney said...

Thanks for checking out the book! I appreciate that. These books are actually part of a series. The third one is called Flesh Eaters. It came out earlier this year. The fourth is called The Zombie King and that one hits bookstores in September, 2012. Thanks again for the kind words!

Rob said...

wow the author himself! thanks for stopping by Joe McKinney. isn't the Internet great at times.

I will definitely read the other books in this fine series.