Thursday, December 15, 2011

fire the Halifax school board - high school hockey

What a disgraceful, disgusting decision. Students banned from attending their own team's hockey game. How can there be a high school hockey game without the fellow students being there?! What is this bullshit?

So what if there were some individual fights in the past? Deal with the individuals in that case. You cannot have high school sports without student attendance. That is an absurdity, a monstrosity which cannot be allowed to stand. I call on the students of both schools to have the courage to do the right thing. Stand up for your rights. Attend the game and support your team.

There have been brawls and rumours of brawls as long as there have been rival schools. Big deal. Have more security on hand. The school admin is just being typically lazy, weak and cowardly by banning the students. What a weak disgusting cop out. Anyway if there are fights deal with it. If there's a brawl deal with it. If there's a rumble deal with it. This has been happening for over a century as long as there has been middle and high school sports.

I would never make the mistake of counting on Carole Olsen to do the right thing. By appearances she had a hand in this. It's clearly up to the elected school board to intervene here and do the right thing and overrule this miscarriage of the education system. Since they are apparently disinclined to make the effort to do the right thing then at least on election day we the voters can fire them all. On election day vote every single one of them out.

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