Tuesday, December 06, 2011

more stupid rules - ski helmets

The most over-regulated people in the world have just had a new rule added. In Nova Scotia ski helmets are now mandatory. Disgraceful! Of course we are embarrassed to be the only jurisdiction in the world with this rule.

Useless NDP. What do you expect? I can only hope the NDP government is one-and-done. We got by for over 250 years in Nova Scotia without the NDP and I hope it is that long before they return to power here.

I turn on the news and first it was some bobblehead saying we can't have the oval sponsored by beer (again the only area in the world with such a rule); then the next day some crap that adults cannot decide for themselves if they should wear a ski helmet. Screw you fascists.

I remember bygone days with the RCMP "the Mounties always get their man". And the 'man' they were pursuing in the past was a dangerous criminal. Today apparently the RCMP priority is now to go up on ski patrol to hand out $250 tickets to honest working law abiding citizens.

That's now the most important thing for the modern police to be focusing on, harassing and criminalizing peaceful law abiding middle class private citizens over ever more ridiculous, arbitrary and intrusive rules.

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