Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 end of year

 Well 2011 is swiftly drawing to a close. I've been thinking about 2012 some.

Up until last summer things had settled into a fairly steady state for the last couple of years. Alas, that era is ending and a new chapter is beginning. There was a series of financial setbacks starting fall of 2011. On another front let's say that there's a higher probability of other changes this year; the highest it's been in several years. I don't have a lot of control over some areas, I just have to deal with what may happen.

So given all that I've tried to look at spending and to cut spending. I had some modest success but not a lot so far. Some things like rent are large and fixed. Still I have to continue to work on this and be vigilant.

Like many years, I'm not making any resolutions this year. I failed at previous ones due to failures in strategy and execution. I know what I need to do so I'll figure it out as I go along.

As a year ends it's interesting to think back on this time last year. Think of the stuff that happened during this year 2011 that ended up being important. Like many years, I had no idea that was going to happen at this time last year. It wasn't on the radar screen. So 2012 may be much the same. The predicable steady state has ended (to the extent that it ever existed) and unknown waters ahead.

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