Tuesday, December 02, 2008

accident on main street in dartmouth

I was on my way out to Porter's Lake to get my son for hockey this afternoon. The ride out from my office in Bedford was going well. Too well it turns out. I get up on main street about to the trade school and there's this huge accident up ahead. The line seemed to be moving but it was the cops had closed main street and were diverting people off.

I was able to turn into the trade school side exit and get turned around and take the left by Prince Andrew high and get down into Cole Harbour, then turn back up at Forest Hills and onto the 107 and the Eastern Shore. Luckily I left a bit earlier, like 3 PM, than I "possibly" would have needed to so despite losing about half an hour in the detour - and more time on the way in to Bowles arena [a rink I've always liked] detouring around more traffic accidents we got to the rink just before the Zamboni started and we scrambled to get the gear on and he was on the ice in time.

I don't know how there can be so many and such large accidents on that stretch of main street between the old petro canada and the akerley campus. Visibility and road conditions were perfect at the time of the huge pile up. How can this happen?? It's a straight, clear, wide 4 lane road! How hard can it be to drive straight? It was a huge wreck too. They still hadn't opened the street at 8:30 when we were going back from hockey. It looked like cars were wrapped around utility poles. What a mess.

Sheesh, it's like a curse. Every time I go to the Eastern shore and have to be somewhere on any type of schedule. There's always some @#$%@# huge wreck on the bridge or main street or somewhere to ruin my plans.

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