Tuesday, December 30, 2008

UFC pay per view

I ended up catching the UFC pay per view last Saturday night. A couple of friends had dropped by my place in the evening. It was around 11 PM. I suggested we head out for a beer. They agreed and after a short discussion we decided to head to Kokomo's.

When we got there we saw there was a UFC pay per view showing. We didn't even know about it. We paid the $5 to get in and the waitress pointed out a table that was available. It was a good crowd there. It was a bit different for a crowded bar on a Saturday night. When we walked in it was like, silence there. Everyone there was staring intently at the action on the screens. Kokomo's has an excellent TV set up with two giant screens set so that everyone has at least one good view.

The whole bar was set up for the UFC, there was no band or DJ or anything. That was fine, we were able to talk there without having to yell. It was a good crowd there. Very polite and well behaved. No rowdiness or bad drunkenness. They kept the kitchen open to midnight. The UFC was somewhat entertaining. I didn't know anything about it and neither did the other two I was with. I like WWE myself. But the UFC matches were pretty good I will say.

One of the guys I was there with said there's live MMA at the Halifax Forum a couple of times a year. He's been to it once and said it was pretty good. He said we should go. So we agreed it sounds like fun. So we'll try it out if the schedules work the next time they do a forum event.

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