Tuesday, December 09, 2008

New pine shelf

I was running out of space on my bookshelf. So I was looking for some new shelf space. I happened by Zellers last weekend and I checked out that section.

They had what I wanted. There was a pine wood shelf. Plus for a bonus it was marked down 25%. I didn't see the price there so it wasn't until I got to the cash that I saw it was only $15. I was glad to get it at that price. It was even made in Canada.

I've always liked this kind of wood shelf that you screw together. I've got them at Kent in the past too. It was really easy to put together. In fact it didn't even have instructions. Just line up the holes and screw in the screws. The drill I got during the summer at the yard sale didn't have any charge on it so I just screwed in the wood screws by hand. It wasn't too hard and didn't take too long. I'm not a very good builder, kind of a disaster in that area really for all of my life. So when a small and simple project goes well it's a satisfying thing. It's always nice to see it done.

So some new space now for some new books, or sports card albums or other stuff I might want to just put there. I do need to get some book ends for the shelf. I heard they are not too expensive at Staples.

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