Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Canada shenanigans

I should say something about what's happening in Ottawa. I'm shocked by all of it.

Harper was out of line by trying to eliminate the subsidy for his political opponents. That was a foolish and unnecessary provocation. And the opposition swiftly reminded him that he only governs with their consent so he wisely backed down. I don't think anyone wants an election at this time.

Then things just went crazy. The Liberal under outgoing defeated leader Stephane Dion now want to take over as the government. With the Bloc separatists along for the ride and holding the balance of power? This is unbelievable and intolerable.

Like it or not, Harper won the election with an increased number of seats. He has a mandate from the people of Canada to govern. If the Liberal and NDP don't want the Conservative government any more, fine, vote them down and we'll have to go back to the polls to try again. But a change in government has to come from the people of Canada, not Ed Broadbent.

It certainly was not the will of the people of Canada for Stephane Dion to be prime minister. His party won sharply fewer seats. It is totally wrong today for the Liberal to attempt to thwart the will of the people of Canada to try to form a government using a Survivor style alliance. I've seen enough and none of this coalition members will see my vote any time soon - and I voted for Dion in the last election.

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