Friday, December 12, 2008

on vacation

As of 4 PM today I'm on vacation. Off for three weeks, returning to the office on January 5. yay!

It works out pretty well with the stat holidays and the Christmas "plant shutdown". I get 3 calendar weeks off but I only have to use 9 vacation days. I haven't taken a meaningful vacation since last December. It's become kind of a year end tradition to shut it down for the year some time before Christmas. It's a nice time to be away. I was definitely looking forward to it, especially this last week.

I was going to also take a summer vacation too. But that was from my old job where I had carried some unused time into this year. When I left SupportSoft [pretty much just in time it turns out] I ended up cashing out the unused vacation.

One thing that's a bit different is I'm using a 2009 day on Friday January 2nd. That way I can finish up that week off without having to go back. I remember years ago, like 1999 I think I went in on the second instead of using a vacation day on the first day of the year. I guess my views have changed a bit since then. Plus I get a bit more vacation now than I did then so I can use it a bit more.

The year end vacation is a nice tradition which I may plan to do next year. Still I get a full vacation schedule going into 2009 so I might take a little summer break next year.

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